So so simple.

Upload the original file to the platform. 3 days later it’s available for unlimited localisations for all markets. That’s Versionizer.


Upload your project

We will prepare your project and make it available online in Versionizer.


Localise your texts and branding

Select your project and start typing in your local texts.


Export your assets in just minutes

Press the Versionize button and your unique asset will be ready within minutes.

What's it good for?

Instant time-to-market

Control of global localisation costs

Secures CVI across all markets

Overview of assets for all markets

Smooth workflows, no agency fees

Versionizer is exactly what it says on the box.

It’s the world’s smartest hub for your digital content. Not only does it give you the power to localise content into any language - you can also make unlimited changes to products, prices, prize pools or what ever you need. A few clicks and your new version is ready for download - whether it’s still, animated or video content for SoMe, TV or any digital media.

And last but not least, it’s a one time fee for unlimited versions.

Eliminate your global headache.

Localising content is often a pain in the neck for global brands. Even though it’s 2021, most marketing departments are still working with an antiquated manual localising process. It’s slow, annoying and costly. Primarily because it involves advertising and production agencies, translators, lengthy review processes with countless emails, and confusion.

Versionizer is the opposite of that.

One-time fee for unlimited versions.

Our vision is that you shouldn’t pay more for unlimited versions than for a single one.

There’s a one-time preparation fee for every piece of content you upload to the platform. This covers unlimited versions in unlimited languages. Meaning that once your content is uploaded, every market can make local brand compliant versions for free - and download them within minutes. The “prep” fee is based on duration of the video or SoMe content.

This business model erases agency fees, handling time and budget discussions for local markets. Put simply: All markets, large or small, will have the same possibility for localising at no extra cost.


About versionizer.

Versionizer was founded in 2018 by 4 former advertising people. We’ve all had our hands deep in every stage of the localisation process of all types of content and never in our 20 years in the industry did we enjoy it much. It was complicated - involved too many stages and too much hassle. The localisations were ongoing, but the process never got any smoother. What if - instead - even versioning videos was as easy as writing a text?

Our platform enables anybody to version all types of content from one language to all other languages - within your CVI. We wish to enable people working for global brands to make local versions themselves - with just a few clicks.

The Team.

We’re a company focused on doing one thing well:
the versioning of content - whether it’s for SoMe, TV or any digital media.

CEO & Founder Craig Jonathan Kristensen

Craig Jonathan Kristensen

CEO & Founder

CTO Taus Ansvig

Philip Einstein Lipski

Head of Strategy & Co-founder

Head of Strategy & Co-founder Philip Einstein Lipski

Taus Ansvig Sø

CTO & Partner

Partner Maria Naninna Biilmann

Maria Naninna Biilmann

Strategist & Partner

We have helped our clients create
29.005 versions of their content.

Oticon Medical
Novo Nordisk

How to get started.

If you’re interested we can set up a trial so you can experience the ease, speed and power of the Versionizer platform on your own content like for instance video. The trial will enable you and your team to localise it into any language or make unlimited changes to products, prices, prize pools or what ever you need - while automatically staying brand compliant.

We look forward to hearing from you.